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ESG at Societal

Societal is proud to further our mission of “improving patients’ lives through client partnerships” every day. Our commitment to our mission allows us to strive to achieve our vision, which is “to be a premier, trusted CDMO by bringing tailored solutions to our clients, while fostering engaging and rewarding careers for our people.” We carry the responsibility of being an excellent corporate citizen and take the role very seriously. Throughout the tenure of our company, we have placed high value on the matters of Environmental, Social and Governance, ensuring a bright future for our organization and those we serve.

In 2022, considering the interests of stakeholders, both internal and external, we completed a materiality assessment to identify ESG matters that were most important to our business. It is with great pleasure that we share our inaugural ESG Highlights Report, which details each of these priorities. Our journey with ESG is one of dedication and growth that we look forward to navigating for years to come.

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We operate responsibly and sustainably while improving patients’ lives through client partnerships. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment, including our emissions, and efficiently use resources at our facilities.

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We provide a work environment that is inclusive, challenging, and supportive, while having a positive influence on our communities.

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We are committed to high legal and ethical standards and adhering to those standards is of the utmost importance to us and our employees. A clear governance structure oversees every aspect of our operations and ensures we act with integrity while pursuing our business objectives.

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